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Plumbike. Unique as You are.

Plumbike are unique bikes that are hand made in Poland with the greatest care. We do everything that every owner of our bike will be sure that his/her bike is done and finished in a smallest detail. That is why we pay attention to the details as painted in the color of the bike spokes, chain, steering wheel and rack. Reliability to high class of components from recognized producers. Thanks to above our bikes are comfortable and nice as well as reliable. Every bike is equipped in additional elements that stress its individuality as: hand made basket, hand painted bell. By these elements you know that your bike is unique and one of a kind.  Special as you are. We wish you unforgettable experiences that come from our bikes.

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Can't collect your bike personally? Don't worry. Give us your address details in Poland and we will deliver your order free of charge. You will save your time and money, and your bike could get to you the next day already safely packed in our branded box. Time of delivery depends on availability of chosen bike. Shipment abroad is possible for a fee.


Excellent cure for boredom.

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